Bedrock Retrodubs is based in Motherwell near Glasgow and was started by John Berry in 1997. Since then John’s passion for the mechanics of cars and vans has fuelled his drive to succeed and establish a reputation for high quality workmanship. Bedrock Retrodubs specialises in repairs, servicing, performance upgrades and modifications of all new and classic Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen cars and vans.

Every job is treated with care and respect such that John and his staff have earned a great deal of respect within the industry. He has nourished relationships with his suppliers for years to source only the best priced and original parts for your modifications and repairs. From typical car and van servicing, to specialised forced induction and turbo conversions, Bedrock Retrodubs will return your car or van to you purring with satisfaction.


Unit 6, 347 Orbiston Street, Motherwell, ML1 1QW

t: 01698 254 666
f: 01698 260 052
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VW Logo Rat Look

Air & Water Cooled

The 'Rat Look'

Here at Bedrock Retrodubs we love the 'Rat Look'. We've got a few of our own projects that are taking shape. To find out more about our work with Volkswagen rat look projects click here 'Project Cars'.

Air & Water Cooled

Bedrock Retrodubs specialises in both Air and Water cooled engines. We can
restore, repair and service any Audi, SEAT, Skoda or Volkswagen! If 
you've got a classic air cooled VW Van that hasn't moved in a while
then bring it in to us, we can work wonders for it! Take a look at
our gallery for some picture of the cars and vans we've worked
on, and have a look at the feedback from our customers.

Audi Servicing


We have a great deal of experience servicing, modifying and repairing Audi vehicles. Our long history working with Audi cars mean  we can handle almost any job! We always go that extra distance for every job at Bedrock Retrodubs, Motherwell near Glasgow, so if you want to repair, modify or service your Audi, you know where to come.

SEAT Servicing


Bedrock Retrodubs are expert mechanics specialised in servicing, repairing and modifying Seat vehicles. We have a great deal of experience dealing with many different types of Seat cars, so if your Seat needs repaired, modified or serviced then don't worry, bring yours to us here at Bedrock Retrodubs, Motherwell, Glasgow 

Skoda Servicing


Our trained mechanics can provide repairs, services, and modifications to your Skoda vehicle. We have years of experience servicing, modifying and repairing Skoda models. If your Skoda is experiencing problems and requires reparation, service or modification then bring it here to Bedrock Retrodubs in Motherwell, Glasgow.

Forced Induction


Volkswagen Restoration