remapping-graphRemapping, sometimes referred to as Chip Tuning or ECU Tuning, is the process of changing the software within the ECU. The ECU contains maps, which can be thought of as the settings for each situation the vehicle can be in e.g. accelerating, braking, low speed travel etc. The ECU can manage the engine in different ways depending on what you need from the vehicle at any particular moment, whether is more torque, acceleration or fuel economy, through its configuration the ECU can vastly alter the characteristics and performance of your car or van. If you find that your Audi, SEAT, Skoda or Volkswagen is underperforming or needs a boost then speak to us. Our specialist technicians can optimise your engine’s performance the way your need it. The special equipment we use will ensure the job is completed safely and without the need to remove components. So bring your car or van to us in Motherwell, Glasgow and let us show you what Engine Remapping can do for your vehicle.

Benefits of Engine Remapping:

  • Your vehicle will be more responsive
  • Flat spots will be smoothened out
  • Better acceleration for safer overtaking
  • Overall more enjoyable driving experience from better performance
  • Improved fuel efficiency